ManAlive Studios | Livestream Film/Music Studio | Soundstage in Nashville, TN

4K multi-cam production, ARRI LED lighting, and UltraHD Audio. We provide turnkey audio/visual production for musicians, authors, and corporate video.

ManAlive Studios is a cutting-edge, full-service audio/video professional recording studio facility in Franklin, TN.

We are available for facility rental, as well as editing, post-production, color grading, and music production.


ManAlive Studios was started by indie artists, and we understand the day-to-day financial strain of living your dream. Despite that, you still need great content to reach your audience.

One day a month, we set up the studio with backline, 5 cameras, and all the labor needed to produce a great shoot. For a modest fee of $1500, you can sign up for 1 hour of record time to capture 3 or 4 songs fully tracked and filmed (we recommend 2 takes per song).


  • 1 Hour of record time for $1500.00

  • Backline provided by us 

  • 5 cameras 

  • All labor needed to produce a great shoot

  • Capture 3-4 songs, fully tracked and filmed (recommended: 2 takes per song)


  • A broadcast mix

  • Multi-tracked audio for post mixing

  • A live line-cut of the video

  • 5 isolated video record feeds for post editing

This is by far the most cost-effective way to generate effective, impactful content.

Contact us to sign up & for further details

Alex Wolaver, Director